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Ada on the Beach


If you’ve followed us for some time, you know that every year we head down to Pawleys Island, SC for Thanksgiving. It’s our family tradition. We love early winter on the beach. Typically, the weather is nice enough to spend some time out there, but not too hot where you’re miserable. We usually even see some brave kids (who must be from way farther north than us), in the water in their swimsuits. We walk, play games, fly kites, and enjoy the salty sea air. We look forward to it every single year. It’s so nice to have that light at the end of the fall wedding season tunnel.

This year was extra special, because it was Ada’s first trip to the ocean. I want to say she loved it, but I’m not sure. Fascinated might be a better word. She stared at everything, took it all in, and despite our many efforts and silly faces barely let out a smile when we were near the water. Maybe she didn’t like the cold air hitting her face, or maybe there were too many distractions. Who knows. She was still the cutest little beach baby I’ve ever seen. Of course, we did several mini shoots out there with us and her, because we had to document this first trip well!

When we weren’t trying to get her to smile on the beach, we were enjoying our family. We played a different game almost every night, took in beautiful sunsets, watched to way too many youtube videos (my dad discovered the joy that is mirroring your phone to the tv through apple tv), ate tons of good food, and I got to catch up on my baby snuggles I was missing from fall’s craziness. It was a truly lovely week.

We discovered that Ada doesn’t exactly like big crowds. More than once we had to take her out of the room to calm her down when she’d been passed around one too many times. I thought she was an extrovert, but I guess not. She, almost instantly, started crying every time my sister-in-law picked her up. It became our running joke of the week. Which is hilarious, because out of everyone in the family, she’s the baby person! We’ll see if Ada remembers her when we get back together this weekend for Christmas : )

She did give lots of smiles…I mean, LOTS OF SMILES! That’s one happy little baby when she’s not being held by Kim or staring at the ocean, haha. She decided she wasn’t interested in showing off her belly to back roll until practically everyone had left at the end of the week. But once she got going, she did about 20 in a row! I was so proud of her too, she stuck to her schedule and slept SO well practically the entire week! I was worried we’d get knocked off, but nope, she takes after her momma with that one. Loves her schedule!

I’m not sure if we’ll get down there before summer again, but I can’t wait to take her back then. She’ll be almost 1 and I’m sure will be adorable in her little bikini in the sand : )

0003 0014

My serious little girl! 0008 0017

Check out how her hair is changing colors! And those streaks! Beautiful! 0022 0028 0035

Love this one of me and my girlie! 0038 0049 0065 0072

This is what she did every single time Kim held her. 0055

Cousin time : ) 0075

See TiTi, she cries for CC too! 0078

The smartest move I’ve made so far is teaching my sister how to use my camera : ) Thank you CC for these pics of us! 0081

Look a smile!!!! 0087 0089

Everyone says Ada looks like Kyle, but I think she looks like my sister!

Sunset on the marsh is my favorite! 0104 0106 0108

Love my family!


My sister and I don’t look anything alike, right?! 0119

A new fave with my girl! 0121 0122

And a last sunrise captured by Kyle! 0138

Rachel McQuiston - December 17, 2014 - 5:49 pm

Oh goodness…that jean jacket is killing me!

Hank Lowry - December 17, 2014 - 10:32 pm

words fail to describe how happy I am reading this

Chandler Alm - December 18, 2014 - 12:53 pm

Adorable pictures of an adorable family!

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Caitlin & Josh | Wake Forest Engagement


It was chilly. Like bone chilling cold. I emailed Caitlin the morning of their shoot and said, “I hope you’re ready to snuggle to keep warm out there!” And they had absolutely no problem with it : ) They bundled up, brought a blanket to snuggle under and ran around with their adorable pup, Layla all to keep warm. It worked! And made for one of my favorite engagement sessions to date!!!

I love winter sessions. The light changes so much this time of year, and just creates this beautiful glow on everyone and everything it touches. Plus, like I said above, it makes couples get closer. I’ll take a snuggly, bundled up photo any day : ) We have our own portrait session coming up in February and I can’t wait!!!

These two made that cold November day fun. The only way I can describe it, is they were alive for the camera. They let their love and liveliness show in every single picture! Thanks to you both for braving the cold, and letting me capture the fun that is your engagement!

0002 0011 0012

Isn’t Layla adorable?!!! She loved having that big open field to run through! 0019

This one below warms my heart. 0024 0026 0028 0029 0037 0039

After this one below, we sent Layla off with her grandparents, and spent the rest of the time with just Caitlin and Josh. I love dogs at sessions, and if you’re going to bring one, having someone to take them when we’re through with their pics is always helpful! 0050 0057 0065

I am IN LOVE with that tall grass (and the beautiful couple). 0071 0078

Hi, I’m A.J., and I’m a field-aholic. 0085 0086 0090 0093 0097

Those eyes…you are stunning Caitlin! 0099 0101 0103 0107

Check out her ring. I loved the unique cut on the square diamond. 0108 0116 0125 0128 0145 0151

Congrats you two!! Can’t wait for your wedding to get here!!!!

Jane Utley - December 15, 2014 - 4:21 pm

Let them know The Wedding Woman would love to talk flowrrs and decorating with them.

Julia Hicks Poole - December 15, 2014 - 8:40 pm

Priceless memories!!

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Forgetful Us


We let it slide. Well, that’s the nice way of putting it. Actually, we forgot it. Our 14 year dating anniversary! It was Wednesday. To our credit, it was also my mom’s husband’s birthday and we had plans to celebrate with them since it was a milestone one. But still, we forgot. And we NEVER forget that one. It’s one we always celebrate!

I remembered about 4PM that day, and called Kyle to say, “guess what?”. He had no idea. I said, “it’s December 10th!”. And then we were both like, “oh my gosh, I can’t believe we forgot!” He, being the sweet husband he is, apologized for not remembering, but I forgot just like he did so I can’t hold anything against him : ) Guess we’ve just been busy thinking and loving other things this year. We may be enamored this year with some sweet little being, but next year we’re definitely celebrating again. It’ll be 15 years, so we have to!

I’m sure if I went back to 15 year old me, and asked her where she’d be at 29, the answer would be no where close to where we are today. A baby may have been in the picture, but living in Raleigh, being a photographer, marrying a guy I’d start dating later that year…none of that would have been on the list. I love where our life has taken us, and I wouldn’t change a thing. And I love this man today more than I ever thought possible. Seeing him with Adeline makes my heart happy. Every time he snuggles her I fall a little deeper in love. I tell her all the time she’s a lucky little girl to have him for a dad, and I’m one lucky little wife to have him for a husband.

Kyle, thanks for the last 14 years. You’ve put up with my crazy schedule loving bossy self, and loved me every second along the way. Every day with you is a gift. I love you beyond words!

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Rachel & Alan | Oaks At Salem Wedding


I have been dying to share this wedding here!!!! What a way to close out 2014! Rachel and Alan’s day may have been chilly, but that was the only bad thing I have to say about it. Everything else was perfection. From the gorgeous tree at the ceremony site, to the impressive attention to detail, and especially the love between Rachel & Alan. It all was perfect.

Rachel, being a Clemson grad (and a girl after our own hearts), wanted to keep the colors true to her roots. And since she chose November to get married, the bright orange went perfectly with the fall colors all around! And I absolutely love how she broke the rules and brought spring tulips into her fall wedding. They’re her favorite, so why not, right?! Just wait until you see their cake display. I’m drooling now, just thinking about it! One of my favorite details from their day, was the unique take to table numbers. Instead of the standard 1, 2, 3, 4, they came up with numbered facts from their relationship (like how far their two birthplaces were), and numbered their tables like that! Love it when couples think out of the box.

Like I said, the details were impressive, but the two of them is why we really loved their day. Add their love with their ever-so-entertaining wedding party, and you get one of the most fun weddings ever!

Hope you two are loving being married! It’s a fun adventure, so soak it all up! Congratulations!

0001 0015

0006 00080021 0042 00550049

Her dress was stunning!



0060 0064

Fall was in full bloom for their wedding! 0081 0085 0096

I wish I could remember what was so funny, but what ever it was, it made for a great moment! 0100 0107 0124

Rachel, you are stunning! 0143 0148 0173 0186

I have no words for these 5. They kept us in stitches all day.

How beautiful is their ceremony site?!

02380216 0218 0222 0223 0224 0329 0341 0343

That tree!!! 0348 0361 0371 0372

I love that they laughed all the way through their ceremony. Such happiness! 0394 0412 0393

I’m in love with those orange pashminas.
0476 0480 0487

If I gave out awards for the most entertaining wedding party, this bunch would win it! 0489 0490

Get ready for a whole bunch of beautiful portraits. That light!!!!1


mmmmm, my favorite below!

0498 0506 0508 0516 0522 0525 0547 0528

And now for their stunner of a reception!


0299 0254



Check out the cakes!








0571 0650 0653 0710

There was karaoke definitely a sing off at their wedding!

0751 0774


Venue: The Oaks at Salem
DJ: Brian Darocha of Unlimited DJ Service
Cupcakes: Sugar Buzz Bakery
Dress: Bridal Boutique of North Carolina
Hair & Makeup: Zach at enV Salon
Guys’ Suits: Men’s Wearhouse
Some Décor: Happily Ever After
Flowers: Harris Teeter
Brides Bouquet: Victorian Seasons

Suzanne Milano - December 11, 2014 - 5:48 pm

AJ and Kyle, you captured ‘the best day ever’ so perfectly. Your images are our forever link to Rachel and Alan’s day and they are gorgeous. Thank you ever so much for sharing your talent and joy with us, we are wholeheartedly grateful. PS: She truly is and always has been ‘stunning.’ ??

Manu Gujral - December 11, 2014 - 8:43 pm

beautiful wedding

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Featured in The Knot


When we started out as wedding photographers, we dreamed that one day maybe, just maybe, we would photograph a wedding that would be pretty enough to be featured in a magazine. It was one of those lofty, reach for the stars type of dreams. It takes a special couple and a very special day to make that happen. The light has to be perfect, the details have to be just right, and the day has to fall together like it would in a dream. Leaving Beleenne & Austin’s wedding last May, I thought this might just be the one! I crossed my fingers, put the prettiest submission I could together and sent it off to The Knot Carolinas with a prayer. And a few weeks later my prayers were answered!

When I got the email, I had to read it several times before believing what my eyes were seeing. They weren’t turning it down, they were accepting it for publication in their Spring/Summer issue that comes out this month! My heart leaped with joy. Finally a long time dream coming true! What an amazing blessing. I am so humbled, honored and still amazed that they accepted it. Thank you The Knot for this beautiful feature. From the bottom of our hearts, we will always cherish this very first magazine feature. Hopefully, it’s the start of many more to come!

To our bride & groom: we love you two. We are so happy you chose us to photograph your love and your beautiful wedding. Thank you for letting us share your images & story with the world! You deserve so much praise and congratulations for this too! If it wasn’t for you, this wouldn’t have been possible. xoxo~A.J.

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