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Avery | Fearrington Family Lifestyle


This family always makes me smile. They’re just so darn cute and happy! I had the privilege of photographing little Miss Avery when she was a teeny tiny baby, and now to photograph her again as a toddler was so much fun. I loved following her around Fearrington, watching her take in the environment, always learning and exploring as she went. When she wasn’t soaking in the world around her, she was giving away the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen.

Thank you Avery and mommy & daddy for letting me photograph you all again! It was so great seeing you and catching up after such a long absence! Hopefully we won’t let it go so long between visits next time! Enjoy your pictures!!!!

00130012 0029 0042 0053

These little purple flowers made for such a pretty background with their teal and gold! Like it was made for them! 0062 0064

My fave! 0069 0074 0082 0088 0105 0108 0110 0114

And because we were at Fearrington, here’s a picture of a cow : )

Yvonne Imbleau Beal - November 21, 2014 - 5:13 pm

The photos are beautiful!

Kristen Bailey - November 21, 2014 - 6:06 pm

love these, this family is adorable love the matching outfits.

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Kaitlyn & Tim | Eno River Engagement


I first met Kaitlyn at a venue grand opening we were both attending. She was there with her mom touring the venue, and I was there to hang out with some of my brides who’d already booked there. We sat down next to each other at the table and started chatting. She asked me questions about my wedding experiences and I asked her about all the ideas she was considering for her day. Towards the end of our conversation, her mom asked for my card. I politely handed it over, when her mom stopped me. “Wait, aren’t you Liz & Eric’s photographers?” I replied, “yes, I am!”. She said “that’s Kaitlyn’s cousin!”. What a small world. Out of all the people I could have met that night, I sat right next to a relative of another couple. I stayed a little longer to chat, and then we parted ways looking forward to Liz & Eric’s wedding when we could say hi again.

It took Kaitlyn a few months to settle on her venue and date, but once she did I was delighted that she decided to go with us as her photographers! For one, it means I have another excuse to see Liz & Eric, but two, because Kaitlyn & I really hit it off! We have spent countless hours chatting and emailing since, and she was even one of the first people to come meet Adeline once we brought her home!

Photographing their engagement portraits a few weeks ago, was nothing short of spectacular! Her love for Tim glowed in each and every photo we took, and his shined in return. We can’t wait for their fall wedding next year to take more of these two lovebirds!

0016 00150020 0026 0040 0054

One of my faves! I love that fall decided to finally show up for them : ) 0066 0071 0076 0082

You two….! 0088 0090 0091

Her ring is stunning!
0097 01100101

Any bride who takes me to a river for pictures has my heart : ) 0129 0134 0136 0140 0149 0153

Congrats you two!!!

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Anna & Matt | Uptown Charlotte Engagement


We had so much fun with these two!!! We’ve been waiting to meet them in person for months, and were so excited when their engagement day finally arrived!!! We met them and their seriously adorable pup, Layla, at a park in the city. While we were wandering before they arrived, we found this gorgeous tree that was electric yellow. It was down the road a little from the park, but we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use it. So on our way from the park to the city, we asked if they’d be ok with stopping by the tree. I love it when couples trust us 100%, because that’s when magic happens. Our 5 minute pit stop to this tree was SO worth it! After the gorgeous tree, we headed into Charlotte only to get stuck in traffic for the Panther’s Game : ( We didn’t make it to our intended destination, but I think our backup plan worked out pretty nicely! We got a great view of the skyline and no people!

Thank you two so much for having us down to your city, and for letting us capture this exciting time! Can’t wait to do this all over again (just in a little more formal attire) in a few months : ) Congratulations! Enjoy!

0005 0014

Isn’t Layla the cutest?!! I love that my blog is filled with puppies these days! 0013 0029 0030 0051 0056 0060 0068

A leaf from the tree : ) 0074 0081 0100 0108 01050112 0122 0128

Love this view of Charlotte!
0135 0129

And then with about 5 minutes of light left, they did the quickest wardrobe change I’ve ever seen! 0138 0154 01700167

Mary Prather Smith - November 19, 2014 - 8:25 pm

I LOVE these pictures!!!! Can’t wait for the wedding!!

Jennie Smith - November 20, 2014 - 12:40 pm

I love these spots! Some of my favorites in my city!

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Marie & Matt | Downtown Raleigh Engagement


They showed up to their engagement session with the cutest puppy ever! I absolutely loved him! He’s 100% puppy right now, but he gave the biggest smiles for his pictures. Seriously, he smiled. Just check it out below : ) I love when couple’s bring their pups because it’s another extension of their relationship. It’s their little family. : ) And I especially love it when they’re fluffy like Tucker!

We let Tucker get his wiggles out, then photographed him with his parents and sent him home with his auntie, so we could focus. Puppies are cute, but they sure are distracting, haha! We wandered all over the city photographing Marie & Matt hitting every iconic spot we could! I especially loved ending their session on the Boylan Bridge. That view never gets old!

Thank you two for letting me photograph you and your sweet babe! Hope you love your pics!!!!

00020010 0021 0023

He found a stick! 0026 0029

One of my faves below!!! 0033

See I told you he smiles : ) 0044 0053 0062 0077 0082 0089 0091 0095 0097

Congratulations Marie & Matt!!!

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Adeline Pearl | 3 Months


I’m a little late posting her 3 month photos, but better now than never, right? : ) These first 3 months have flown by, and have truly been the best 3 months of our lives. This parenting thing is really fun. Who knew?! We keep telling people if we had known it was going to be this wonderful, we would have done it a long time ago! Seriously. This is the most fun we’ve ever had. Every little new thing she does fills our hearts with so much joy that it’s hard to find words to explain it. And every smile…we melt!

I know the time is going to keep flying by like it has these first three months, but we’re honestly enjoying every new stage. It makes us proud parents to see her accomplish something as small as grabbing a toy. Instead of wishing time would slow down, we’re trying our best to soak it all in as it happens. We try to spend quality time with her just staring, snuggling and smiling at each other. My fall busy season ends this week, and I’m so excited to spend these next few months focusing on her. This is such a fun age!

So much has changed in her first three months, so I thought I’d share some bullet points about what she’s doing these days! This way I’ll have a good record for when she gets older : )

  • She’s holding her help up on her own almost exclusively.
  • She LOVES toys. She has this little doll and mermaid, that anytime she sees their faces she squeals with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. But it has to be their faces. If she can’t see their little smiles, then she screams until we turn the doll over. It’s adorable.
  • She sleeps from 8:30PM-7:00AM. Yes, I’m still amazed! It happened by accident one night, when mommy fell asleep and forgot to wake up for her 11:00PM feeding. I woke at 4:30AM in a panic, only to realize she was totally fine. That was a few days before she turned 3 months, and she’s been sleeping through the night since. I do have to credit the book Baby Wise for helping us set a schedule for her that got us to this point.
  • On that note, she loves her schedule…must be my daughter : ) She will wake up from a nap on the minute she’s supposed to, and knows exactly when it’s time to eat, play and sleep! It’s really amazing!
  • She’ll demand to go in her crib for a nap. Seriously, she’ll let out a small scream every 10 seconds or so until you put her in there. Then she goes right to sleep. She must get that from her daddy.
  • She’s rolled a few times, but we think those were all accidents. She is showing interest in rolling a little more though. We can tell by how she throws her feet in the air and to the side to create momentum.
  • She hates tummy time! We still make her do it, but she does not enjoy it.
  • She smiles…all.the.time. We’re still waiting on that first giggle though! Any day now, we can feel it!
  • She already goes in tv trances when it’s on. We’ll definitely have to watch that as she gets older.
  • She’s a thinker. When she’s not smiling, she’s looking around and taking the world in with this serious little look on her face. Just wait until you see our Christmas card. She looks grumpy, but it’s her thinking face!
  • We put her on the scale the other day and we think she’s about 11 1/2 pounds. But she’s long! Already grown out of a lot of her 3 month clothes.
  • She loves music! Especially Taylor Swift, haha. She smiles whenever it’s on in the background : )
  • And she loves singing! Wheels on the bus is her favorite! And when the wipers go swish, swish, swish, she lights up!!!!
  • Recently, she’s taken to having a paci in her mouth. That’s a very new development because for the first few months she didn’t care about them at all.
  • Diaper changes are her favorite! We lay her on that changing pad and her face lights up. And we’re 100% in cloth diapers, which we all love!
  • She’s really not a crier. Mainly only to tell us she’s tired or if she’s hungry. We know if she’s crying something is wrong, because that’s just not her.
  • Her hair is turning blonde. She 1/2 inch white blonde roots!
  • Lastly, she talks all day long. Making her momma proud : )

Can’t wait to see what the next 3 months brings us! Hopefully lots of giggling, rolling, and maybe even some sitting!

0002 0004 0017

Modeling like a pro : ) 0033

The many faces of Ada Pearl. 0018 0031 0036 0038

Just to prove she doesn’t smile all the time. The one on the left is her thinking face. 0028 0040 0048

Kristen Hill - November 17, 2014 - 5:46 pm

So gorgeous and that smile!!!!

Sherri Temple Ford - November 17, 2014 - 5:47 pm


Sarah Holland Gilreath - November 17, 2014 - 7:39 pm

i love her thinking face!! beautiful images of a beautiful girl!

Nikki Isley Moore - November 17, 2014 - 7:40 pm

She is absolutely beautiful!!! I love her little faces!! And as much as I think she looks like her daddy…I’m starting to think I see more of her mommy now.

Casey Okoniewski - November 17, 2014 - 8:20 pm

She is the most beautiful little hunny! Absolutely adore these pics!

Samantha Terhune - November 17, 2014 - 8:28 pm

she is so cute!!!

Hank Lowry - November 17, 2014 - 10:24 pm

Cant wait for next week, we will try some Neil Young, Beatles, and local favorites Steve Bassett and Robbin Thompson

ajd - November 18, 2014 - 8:00 pm

Well doesn’t that just make me smile :) I keep trying to convince her to start looking more like me, haha!

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