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Andrea & Nate | The Sutherland Wedding | October 5, 2013


Nate was full of surprises for his bride-to-be on their wedding day. Andrea arrived at the venue to see he’d secretly had the twinkle balls installed in the tree even though they’d decided it was too expensive. But he knew how much she loved them, so he did it anyway. We showed up an hour earlier than she was expecting and made her worry she was running late. Only to calm her by telling her Nate had hired us to come early, because he wanted her to have more photo time with her sisters getting ready. Can you say brownie points?! But I think she evened the score when she surprised him with a table-top ping pong board and a new watch. To say these two love each other would be an understatement. It’s so much deeper than that. They were made for each other, and their wedding day reflected everything about their deep connection.

These two are the perfect example of when clients turn into friends. They sat in our living room for our very first meeting, and we started talking. 45 minutes later we still hadn’t gotten to their wedding, and it was then I knew we’d be great friends. We’ve since spent several dinner & coffee dates talking until we’re blue in the face, laughing and just having a good old time with them. Sometimes you just click with people. The more we get to know our couples, the more emotionally involved we are in their day…especially me. I was a hot mess photographing all their sweet moments. I seriously think I’d teared up at least 3 times before the ceremony even began! Even Andrea’s reaction when I told her Nate hired us to come early had me balling. Let’s not even talk about the father-daugther moment before the ceremony!! You’ll see that in a moment, and I promise, it’ll make you cry too : )

Andrea and Nate, we’re beyond happy to call you friends. It was an honor photographing your wedding, and we’re so excited to finally be sharing your wedding photos. We’ve been waiting a long time now for this day to come : )

0036 0048 0050 0053 0060 0063 0066 0071 0067 0068 0069 0070 Andrea spent about 10 minutes writing her heart out to Nate. I didn’t read what she wrote, but I know it was special by how emotional she was writing it.
0116 0119 0142 0145 0149 0161 0163 0170 And then she had to read his note… 0176 0190 0197 Go ahead and pull out your box of tissues now, because here comes her dad. He’d never seen her in her dress until this moment! 0200 0202 0203 00204 0205 206 0207 0208 0209 They wanted to have a moment without seeing each other before the wedding. It was so sweet. 0224 0229 0233 0246 0279 LOVED their faces!
0280 0282 0303 0314 0317 0325

They had a full Catholic Mass during their ceremony. It was a first for us, but I loved it!  0344 0354

Kyle always follows the couple out of the ceremony, mainly because he’s taller and can get over people to see their reactions : ) I am in love with this moment he captured of them right after they were married!

0372 After their ceremony, we headed back up to their venue for pictures! 0407 0429 0431 0445 0450 0457 0466 0469 0480 0483 0497 0504 0508 0511 In love with these two below! 0514 And Kyle’s perspective too! 0517 0519 0523 0529 0533 Stunning Andrea! 0535 0549 0556 0558 0561 0569 0571 0575 0581 Nate does GQ well : ) 0589 0593 And Andrea could be a gown model! 0594 0599 We ask all of our couples if they’d like any groups photographed that aren’t family. They only sent us one back…us : ) That is the sweetest compliment any couple has ever given us! 0600

The Sutherland is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues in the Raleigh area. It’s stunning and the staff there is amazing!

0636 0232 0601 0602 0603 0611 0604 0610 0608 0612 0651 0641 0653 See the huge twinkle balls that hang from the tree? It was worth it Nate! 0637

I have to say, these were some of the most entertaining reception entrances I’ve ever seen! Especially the flying bridesmaid : )
0657 0681 0687 0688 A first dance, under the twinkle lights…does it get any more perfect? 0714 The father-daughter dance was just as sweet as their moment before the wedding! Andrea’s the oldest of 4 girls, so her dad better start getting used to this : ) 0731 0742 0761 And the mother-son dance was adorable! 0778 0793 0805 These two are so loved, and their toasts proved it! Laughter and tears through them all. They were perfect. 0819 0824 0835 0838 Andrea’s younger sisters did a combined toast that was pretty much the sweetest thing ever.
0868 And then there was dancing. Tons of it. If you look closely you might find me in one too : ) 0901 0923 0977 0983 0987 0999 1009 1015 1039 1043 1062 1097 1118 Sent off by a lovely sparkler exit! 1124 1129

Congrats again!!! We love you two and wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

Ceremony: Cathedral of the Sacred Heart 
Reception: The Sutherland 
Videographer: Twenty One Films
Flowers: Fresh Affairs
Band: Empty Pocket
Hair: Makeup For Your Day
Makeup: Primp Salon
Dress: Traditions by Anna
Cake: Ambrosia Cake Creations
Caterer: Rocky Top Catering

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  • Jenny Vyain - October 30, 2013 - 12:02 am

    Fantastic wedding and beautifully photographed… beautiful!!!

  • Jessica Tippy - October 30, 2013 - 2:19 am

    Amazing! Tears throughout all of these beautiful pics! So happy for you both!

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  • Makeup for Your Day - November 4, 2013 - 9:09 pm

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. She was so lovely to work with. :)

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    Absolutely beautiful photos! I had so much fun applying makeup on such an amazing group of women!! We laughed and cried the whole time!!

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